Return & Refund Policy

At TrendingCart, we are committed to delivering the highest quality in digital products, including software scripts, digital tools, WordPress themes, and marketing packages. We understand the importance of choosing the right product for your needs, and we strive to provide detailed information and support to help you make informed decisions.

No Returns or Refunds

Due to the nature of digital products and services offered at TrendingCart, we do not offer returns or refunds once a product is purchased and delivered. Our products are downloadable, which means they are irrevocable once they have been issued to the customer.

Why No Refunds?

  1. Irreversibility of Digital Products: Once a digital product is downloaded, it cannot be returned in the same way physical goods can. This makes the process of returns and refunds infeasible.

  2. Instant Access and Use: Upon purchase, our customers receive immediate access to the digital products, allowing for instant use. This immediate consumption of the product negates the possibility of a standard return.

  3. Prevention of Unauthorized Use: To prevent abuse and unauthorized use of our digital products, we maintain a strict no-refund policy.

Exceptional Circumstances

While we maintain a strict no-refund policy, we understand that there may be exceptional circumstances. If you encounter any issues with your product, such as technical defects or problems with accessing or downloading the product, please contact our support team. We will thoroughly review your case and provide assistance to resolve the issue.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to us. We encourage our customers to read all available information and reach out to our support team for any clarifications before making a purchase. Our team is always ready to provide detailed product information to ensure you make a well-informed decision.

Contact Us

For support or inquiries about our refund policy, please contact us at

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